Lottery scams by email or sms- Know their truth


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Here I am writing this post because it is REALLY important for you to know about it. Here I will tell you about lottery scams which are running so well and fooling many many people. I was almost a victim of such scam, so I thought to share with you too. Hope you will find it useful and won’t fell in trap of lottery scams ever in your life!

What are Lottery Scams?

Well, for the last couple of years, many people have been getting emails or SMS about their winning of a huge amount of money in any lucky draw or lottery. These lottery scam emails or SMS will urge you to reply back with your details to get a huge sum of money. Often, the content of such emails is so sweet and attractive that people fell in their trap to get money. These emails win the confidence of people by sending fake emails on behalf of reputed companies like Coca cola, Pepsi, Nokia, Samsung etc. Here are two sample of lottery scam emails:

Dear Friend, Am Soliciting.
I am Mrs Nicole Marois, and i have been
 surffering from ovarian cancer disease and I want to will my deposited funds to
 you for you to use it and build an orphanage home there in your country.
 more details please contact my private ID([email protected])
 Nicole Marois.
Your E-mail has been picked by the British Espn Star Cricket London as a lucky Person of a lump sum of 2 Crore 50Lakh,
 for claims of your winnings, Forward this details below to Funds Release Dprt.
 Contact: Mr Fred Martins
 Email: [email protected]
 Tel No:+447010083814
 (5) GENDER:

Many people even get victim of lottery scams by SMS also. The SMS may be like this:

HI, You have won 5,00,000 Dollors in lucky draw 2013 by Pepsi.
 To claim your prize, email your details to [email protected] or call +23445342854.

I have even received such lottery scam mails in my Facebook account too. I am now going to explain how such lottery scams work and get your hard worked money so easily!

lottery scams

How lottery scams fool you?

Well let us now know the trick these people employ to cheat you. They will begin by sending an Email or SMS telling you that you have won a huge sum of money. They will ask you to reply back or call on a number to claim your prize. Many times, the language of such emails
or SMS seems so legitimate that people believe that they have REALLY won a grand prize!

One has been fooled 75 % once he just believes that the email/sms was true. Now he is in lottery scam trap. Upon replying, they will be asked to send their complete details to get the money transacted to them. The huge sum of money makes people blind. They send them complete details. A few smart fellows even call on the number provided by them. After a long call on ISD number, they get ensured that they have really won a lottery! Yes, I went so deep in this case to find out more. They talk so professionally that you can never judge that the fellow on the other side is a cheat!

Now after taking you in confidence, they will provide you a couple of forms which you will be asked to fill and send. You can not deny of their originality as they will look so authentic. People will fill the forms so happily and will start reverse counting of they will be millionaire! Quite soon, when they will feel that the person is very sure about his winning lottery, the next part od lottery scam will work. They will ask him for some money in the name of transferring funds, or getting legal papers ready, or for any other reason.

Most of the people become so blind that they don’t consider to think twice before giving them the money. Initially, the scammer would demand for small amount of money(sometimes more too). Since the person has nourished the dream of becoming a millionaire after getting lottery scam email/sms, he easily gets ready to pay few hundred or thousand Dollors.  Consequently, they deposit the money in the account told by the lottery scam email sender. Once they have got the money, they gonna congratulate you and will be on 7th cloud soon.

Soon after that, they will ask you for another sum of money for any other reason. Again they will make you believe that it is REALLY required for you to pay that money to get your bumper prize. Many people again fall in trap. This process continues until either you wake up and realize that you have been made fool or you come to streets after loosing all your money! This is how lottery scams work!

Why don’t people complain of lottery scams?

I am sure there are so many victims of lottery scams. But they hardly file a complaint. The major reason is, they feel they would be mocked at by people for falling in such trap in lust for money! Many others don’t take actions because they feel they can’t get the fraud caught.


Who are senders of lottery scam emails/sms?

Well, to our happiness, a group of such people was caught from Delhi. The people were from India, Nigeria and two other countries. They had many SIM cards purchased on fake identity. Apart from this, many fake bank account details and several laptops and hard disks were obtained from them. Those were just a handful people, many more are still hiding safe and robbing people by sending lottery scam emails and sms.


What to do upon recieving lottery scam email/sms?

The first thing is, NEVER reply to such emails, no matter how lucrative they are. These lottery scam emails will try their best to gain you attention and get you in conversation. Is it possible to win any competition or lottery you never participated in? So, never pay any attention to such lottery scam emails. Other thing you MUST do is, sharing information like this with your friends so that neither any of your friends gets fooled.

So please share this article as much as you can, so that no one ever gets in trap of such fake lottery scams by email or sms. Do comment your views and experiences about this.


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    • Thanks Miss Richa. :) I have seen many people around me taking such things so seriously…in fact, I am also a victim of this scam so I decided to write a post. Happy that you liked it :)

  1. My friend received such type of sms. He replied and he lost around 20,000rupees. They were look very professional and the have similar website like ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND.

  2. has anyone had emails saying that they have won on the swiss lotto they say its won by picking your email address at random. then the scams want you to pey £625.00 they say this is for tax and sending a courier out with your cheque. they say thy cant do a bank transfer in the erea that you live in

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