Omegle- how to chat with cool strangers online on omegle


There are many people who like to meet strangers and be friends with them. In fact, even me too, when I get bored from studies and don’t find anyone on wechat or facebook to chat with then I use omegle to chat with a random stranger online.  Internet is full of websites that let you chat with random strangers online but each one is not as per our expectations. Some sites are premium, some require sign up, some are too slow, some are filled with perverts and sex-maniacs! So, here I am going to tell you about omegle and how to meet cool random strangers online on omegle!




Well, to be precise, omegle is one of the best sites I have come across, and it lets us video or text chat with any other random stranger. It means you can chat one to one by any stranger across the globe. Omegle is highly popular across the globe and there are always thousands of people online on omegle. Omegle requires no fees and even no sign up! All you need to do is go to website and just choose whether you want a video chat or text chat. The identity of the persons is completely safe and hidden until they decide to share it themselves. There is also a spy mode(discussed later in same post) in omegle which is very interesting and of great fun. I will now be discussing about how to use text chat, video chat, spy mode and how to avoid bad people and have good chat on omegle.



1- Go to omegle.

2- Click on Text option below Start a chat option.

3- Now you would be connected to any random stranger of any country and you can chat with him!

4- If you are uninterested to chat with that stranger, simply press Esc key twice and you will be connected to any other random stranger.

5- You can also set your interest to find strangers having same interest as yours. Cool?


1- Go to the website omegle.

2- Click on Video option below Start a chat heading.

3- Kindly note, there is a unmoderated section option too below the video option, if you will click on that, you may reach the adult area which I don’t recommend for a healthy chat. So avoid clicking on that.

4- Now when you will see the option to allow your webcam and mic, you may allow or deny. Allowing it will let other see you, denying it will hide your face. It depends on you whether you wanna be shown or not.

5- You can switch to other stranger simply by pressing Esc key twice.

6- You can take screen shot and can fill interests as well to get people having interests common with yours.


This is what that makes omegle  more interesting.
Spy(question) mode lets you ask any question and then two random strangers discuss over it. You can not interrupt in between but you can watch as long as they discuss over it.
You may yourself discuss on a question with a stranger. Means you will be provided a question by someone else and you have to discuss over that question with that stranger. Interesting?



1- Click on Spy(question ) mode below text option.

2- Enter a question in the box if you want a pair of strangers to talk about the question you want to give.

3- Click ask strangers.

4- Secretly enjoy watching two strangers talking ;)


1- Click on Spy(question) mode below text option.

2- Now click on try discussing a question.

3- Now you will be shown a question and discuss it with any other stranger. Remember, whatever you are discussing is probably being spied by a third person, so better never reveal your identity.


Just like any other chat site, omegle is also filled with many perverts and sex-maniacs. But, there is no shortage of good people too because there are even good people searching for interesting friends on omegle. So here are few tips for you to have a good conversation on omegle. I am sure, if you really want friends, omegle will definitely help, but it needs patience.

1- Simply disconnect chat with person immediately who asks ASL(Age, Sex, Location) in the very beginning. Disconnect them too who begin chatting with words like M here… F? These are the perverts who want sex chat with females.

2- Begin your conversation with simply hello or hi or whats up or any other simple word.

3- If you are a guy and get a message from someone stating herself as girl and begins chat by saying I am hot/I am wild/I want to have fun, chances are that someone is fooling you.

4- Don’t click on any link given in chat.

5- Don’t take anything to heart. On omegle, you may find people who abuse, use foul language, say bad words but consider it as their frustation as no one likes to talk with such people. Simply disconnect them and move ahead.


6- Don’t reveal your identity until you are sure that the person you have been chatting with deserves to know your email id or facebook profile.

7- Add your interests(like movies, technology) to meet like-minded people.

8- Don’t be sad if someone disconnects you. Omegle always has large number of people to let you chat with. Many of those people are really good!


9- Don’t be too flirty, there are many more flirts out there.


10- If you have find someone good, don’t hesitate in asking him/her for any permanent chat place like facebook/wechat/viber/line/gtalk etc. There is very rare chance of meeting same person again on omegle.


11- Be gentle. Don’t be rude and try to talk about lighter things.




Well, I can not say that omegle can be the best place for finding partner for yourself yet you may get a good friend who may turn up to be your wife later. After all, we have met the best persons in our life so strangely and unexpectedly! So, if you are looking for life partners, you may try these tricks.


Omegle is filled with many girls and boys of teenage. But mostly people get connected to boys randomly. So here are tips to find females in omegle. It is expected that you won’t depress a girl after finding one on omegle.

1-USE INTERESTS FIELD:   In the interests field, you may enter the things a girl is generally interested in. You may enter music, gardening, shopping, make-up, hanging out etc in interests. You can also enter famous actors name of whom girls are die-hard fan. This increases the probability of yours finding a girl on omegle.

2- USE FACEBOOK LIKES AS INTERESTS: You can easily find a girl by using this option. But wait, here it is not so easy. You have to visit a couple of profile of girls, see which pages have they liked(they would generally be shopping, make up, or accessories pages). Now create a fake profile and like those feminine oriented pages. Now use the option Add my Facebook likes as interests on omegle and then you will have greater chances of finding a female.

3- TRUST YOUR FATE: This is the simplest way. Don’t play any trick, just wait for a girl to appear and start talking. Who knows that one moment makes her your girlfriend for lifetime? ;)


This is not a big deal. If you are a girl/boy, you are going to encounter boys generally. Still, if you want real good boys on omegle, you can add interests like debate, studying, movies etc in interests fields.



*Though omegle chat is completely anonymous, still you have to be careful on it.

*You should be sure about the person’s genuineness before sharing your email id with that stranger.

*Additionally, never click on any link provided by the stranger in the chat. There will be individuals asking you to watch their cams and nude pics, but no need to click on them.

*If you are a girl, never get so much seduced by a boy that you get ready to remove your clothes. The person on the other side may take a screenshot and misuse it.


As far as I think, omegle is a great website for talking with random strangers. Though everyone you meet on omegle wont be good in chat, there would be many perverts and sex-maniacs, yet there is no shortage of people who are good enough to be friends with. Stay patient and calm, be jolly and enjoy chatting on omegle. If you have patience to get someone nice, and you can neglect silly words by silly people, then omegle is a great place to spend time upon!

Hope you enjoy chatting there, Let me know your views.


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